Friday, July 3, 2009

Give It A Go

Well, it's amazing what reduced access to blogger will do for one's To Do list. Yesterday was a day for no blog posting, quick blog reading and a little bit of blog commenting, a few chores around the house and then paperwork. I don't have all of it done but I have the bits done that were bothering me (some of which I was worried about when they were all actually under control). My task list is all organised for Monday and I'm feeling much better.

So, in other news, my watch stopped the other day.

What does one generally think when their watch stops?

I guess it's normal to think about getting the battery replaced. It's probably also reasonable to assess whether it's time for a new watch altogether.

Hmmm, yes, those would be the most "normal" responses to a watch stopping situation.

Well, when my watch stopped I admit to contemplating both of the aforementioned plans of action. It didn't last long, though.

I have found that I am looking for a more cosmic meaning behind my watch stopping and I believe it is a sign from the universe that at this moment I need to be running my life by my watch, which I am typically want to do.

I decided a while back that I was sick of running late for things and rushing everywhere but my solution at that time was to deal with the choices of either being organised or being late. Even so, I continued to find myself rushing and causing myself stress and anxiety as a result.

Now I see that both of these options only really address the symptoms when the cause is having a full and busy life, which is something that I don't want to actually solve. I love being busy and I love achieving things and that is something that I want to feel good about, not something that I want to be the cause of anxiety in my life.

I know there are times when I could be more organised and I will still strive for organisation and preparedness but I think I will really benefit from living my life for a little while without having the constant reminder on my wrist about the constantly passing seconds of my life.

I think that God is sending me a message and the message is, "Chillax about time, dude".

It's quite a challenge for me to do, but I'm gonna give it a go.


Natalie said...

Gee! I have reduced my blog time too, and noticed the difference immediately. I feel more relaxed when I run my life, not the other way around. Enjoy your weekend away. :D xx♥

Anonymous said...

Chillax, indeed :)

When my watch stops, I check what time it stopped, then add up the numbers (re: numerology style) to get a single number... I feel like it's a message for me in some way.

What time did yours stop?

Kerry said...

Ummmm...breath Wendy....breath...


I stopped wearing a watch years ago, for the very reasons that your talking about.

If your as organzied as you seem to be, it won't matter that you don't have watch on.

Just keep breathing :-)

Rob-bear said...

Even if your watch stops, time moves along.

A wise gentleman once said to me that our lives are run by the clock and the line. Which is so true, in our contemporary world.

On the other hand, we can choose to let our lives be run by the sun and our stomachs. (Live a day at a time, and make sure to eat when you're hungry.)

There was life long before there were clocks (and watches).

Yes, I have a watch, but don't always wear it. And I don't often refer to clocks, unless it's to help me meet other peoples' time lines. (I try to be courteous.)

Somewhere there's a balance, between our lives and the needs of those with whom we work. Yours to sort out, for you.

Have fun, and (as Kerry said), breathe.