Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Bloody Paperwork

Hmmm, didn't get further then getting the paperwork tray out and putting it on the table as far as accounts and paperwork. My head is so far away from these things and the more I remind myself how important they are, the further I seem to drift.

The Starchild came home at noon yesterday and I talked him into going out to lunch together. It was really good, particularly after the rough week last week, and while we didn't get the stuff done at home that we both wanted it, it was still so nice to just hang out together. Also, I won a beer with my members card. I don't drink beer and have never actually ordered one for myself ever before but also also don't usually win stuff and because I was so stoked that I had won something and because the barman wasn't allowed to swap it for anything else, I ordered a beer, and drank it over lunch, and rather quite enjoyed it. I don't think I'd choose to order one again in the future - unless I won another one, of course - but I sure enjoyed it yesterday.

A few hours at the school followed by some time wandering around the shops, then getting petrol and groceries and catching up on some blogs and emails has meant that I have also done nothing with the paperwork today either. BUT, I am happy and considering where I was last Thursday, I am so grateful for this that I cannot bring myself to feel bad about bloody paperwork.


Renee said...

Oh my God Wendy, guess what I had in front of me on the kitchen table today and yesterday and the day before.

That's right, you guessed it.

I just hope it doesn't sit there all week.

You look beautiful.

Love Renee xoxoxo

Jewell said...

lunch sounds so much better than

Natalie said...

We are going great! You had a beer, and I had 10mins on the lounge ~ ASLEEP!!!!!Whoo Hoo! xx♥

Rob-bear said...

Maybe just give the paper to the accountant, or the tax man -- let one of them figure it out.

In honour of Canada Day (July 1) a few taxing stories.

One is a story of someone who simply bundles up all his bills and sends them to the Canada Revenue Agency, along with his blank tax form. He lets them figure it all out.

There also a story about a gent who, every year, does his tax form in Roman numerals.

You need to be inventive, Wendy. Put a beer or two to good use!

Hippy Witch said...

At least you only put it off for 1 day Wendy, I have been putting ours off for 3 months, I have so much to catch up on, that now I run faster, I will have to do it when we get back from Stroud. It is constantly in the back of my mind.

Kathleen said...

I find when I start ... the paperwork just flows ... I guess it't just the motivation that presents the greatest challenge for me.

I am rather good at procratination LOL

Wendy said...

Hope you're making progress on your paperwork, Renee - and thanks for the lovely comment!

Yes, Jewell, my sentiments exactly.

Love your stories, Rob. Oh, the audacity of some people - I wish I had their absence of fear of the taxman.

Well, Diana, I did actually put it off for a little longer than one day, but I'm blaming our family holiday this time. All forms and payments have been lodged on time so that's the main thing.

I'm EXACTLY the same Kathleen - do anything to avoid starting but really get stuck in once that first hurdle is, well, hurdled over.