Monday, September 28, 2009

In All Of This

I'm feeling like I am getting lots done and like I am just so organised today and then I look around me and see so many half done things and things that are on my To Do list. How in the world do I think I could fit in a full time job in all of this!


Janie said...

oh my how familiar that sounds....

Tania said...

enlist your children to help :)
don't know what I would've done without mine during the last few months


Wendy said...

Oh, wouldn't that be nice, Tania! Mine are still in the making mess stage of life (although having older step kids and a husband I'm yet to see convincing evidence that this stage actually has an end) so are often more trouble then they're worth when it comes to tidying up. I do have days when we are all in a whirl-wind of activity putting things away and the kids help with cleaning and stuff then but this is mostly low-priority bigger projects that I have to make decisions on and that often require something else to be sorted out before they can be completed.

That said, I somehow found a burst of motivation around 1pm today and have gotten through so much that even I am impressed with me! I'll probably be a walking zombie at YAAD class tonight though ☺

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