Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Able To Receive

Slept like a log. Literally. Didn't move all night and when I woke up around 4am my arms and legs wouldn't work because they had been in the one place for so long. Slept very deeply for a few more hours and woke up like I was still physically exhausted although my mind is reasonably clear in comparison.

I've been feeling a little surreal, like I am sort of experiencing another reality while living in this one. It is the one I caught a glimpse of a few days ago and it is achingly sad but intensely alluring.

I know I had lots of dreams last night but I can't remember any of them. I believe that a lot of the stuff we experience in our dreams is important and can be helpful in our conscious lives so it's extremely frustrating to feel like I'm being told some really important stuff at the minute but I'm not able to receive the information.

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Lisa said...

if it is important stuff then believe me it will get through, on some level, to be accessed when you are ready/open.

thanks for your support and wendy logic yesterday- you are a life saver- musk, of course