Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Think About Them

I've been doing a little daily tarot exercise over the last few weeks and last night I decided to do a summary of the cards I'd been drawing, which brought new insights and perspectives, as is usually the case with tarot. As I'd just scribbled the summary out roughly on some paper, I thought it would be better to post it here in the interest of posterity. I'd like to continue to do these daily card selections, even though it has been tough to fit it in some days, and even toyed with the idea of creating a separate blog for the purpose but I'm about simplifying and clearing out at the minute, not giving myself more stuff to do so it looks like it will just land here.

15.12.09 - 7 of Cups
16.12.09 - Knight of Wands
17.12.09 - Queen of Cups
18.12.09 - King of Wands
19.12.09 - MAGICIAN
20.12.09 - HANGING MAN
21.12.09 - CHARIOT
22.12.09 - Page of Wands
23.12.09 - 4 of Cups
24.12.09 - 5 of Coins
25.12.09 - 6 of Wands
26.12.09 - Queen of Coins
27.12.09 - Page of Coins
28.12.09 - 9 of Swords
29.12.09 - TEMPERANCE
30.12.09 - EMPEROR
31.12.09 - Page of Swords
01.01.10 - Ace of Cups
02.01.10 - 6 of Cups
03.01.10 - 5 of Wands
04.01.10 - STAR
05.01.10 - FOOL
06.01.10 - TEMPERANCE
07.01.10 - PRIESTESS
08.01.10 - DEATH
09.01.10 - Queen of Coins
10.01.10 - 8 of Cups
11.01.10 - WORLD
12.01.10 - MAGICIAN
13.01.10 - 4 of Cups
14.01.10 - WORLD
15.01.10 - DEATH
16.01.10 - Page of Cups
17.01.10 - 4 of Coins
18.01.10 - 4 of Cups

Here are some of the things I noticed when I put the cards in this format:
  • The statistical likelihood of getting a card from each group is 28% for major arcana (22 majors in a 78 card deck) and 18% for each of the suits (14 of each suit in a 78 card deck) but the breakdown of the 35 cards over this time was 14 majors (40%), 9 cups (26%), 5 wands (14%), 5 coins (14%) and 2 swords (6%). This tells me that this period involved more major life events or shifts for me and that a lot of my daily life was involved in matters of an emotional nature. This is exactly how I have been feeling.
  • I drew the Magician, Temperance, World, Death and the Queen of Coins cards twice and the 4 of Cups three times.
  • I drew all of the Page cards but only once for each of them.
  • The major arcanas were all drawn in consecutive days of either two, three or five; there was never a day where I drew a major with minors on the days immediately preceding or following.
  • I drew "4" cards four times - the 4 of Cups three times and the 4 of Coins once.
Interestingly enough, I was feeling all of the energy from the Majors so decided to do a Karmic Spread and ended up with 5 of the Lovers, which was quite confusing as I hadn't drawn this card at all previously.

Well, I'm sure there are lots of other things to think about here so I'm going to go off now and think about them ☺

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