Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Will Not Steer Me Wrong

With love and thanks to Harmony for her amazing insights and perspectives. Please visit her website for more information about her work.

Aquarius – 11 to 17 January 2010

“Something big is waiting in the wings. Can you feel it?”

I’ve been feeling this approaching towards the end of last year but didn’t know what it was until the last few weeks. There is so much movement and the knowledge of the upcoming Copernican shift is as exciting as it is tremendous.

“With so much activity in your 12th house this week you are set to have some massive revelations that can free you from old fears and attachments to the past that no longer serve your growth.”

This has been my sudden decision last night to step away from the church. There are so many reasons for this but the only one that really makes any sense to me at all at the minute it that it feels right.

“This is a pivotal moment in your evolution and any energy you feel this week leading up to it is powerful indeed!”

I am sure that this will be both a release and an opening for opportunity. It is all fitting into place.

“On Monday the sun/Venus/north node conjunction lights up your 12h house and brings insights, dreams, synchronicities and illumination to your unconscious in profound ways! Seeing your shadow is not easy, but this week you have the capacity to do just that- which will lead to expanded awareness and unprecedented spiritual growth. On Thursday the solar eclipse falls in this same house, supporting powerful new beginnings when it comes to connecting to your unconscious, seeing your 'stuff' and learning how to move through old wounds and fears in transformational ways. Solar eclipses are potent new moons whose effects can be felt for up to 6 months, but what is put into motion this week can actually impact your entire life path! It’s really that significant!”

This is a very big thing to think about. Does it mean that something will happen that I will follow or that I will do something that will forge the path forward? I rather think it is the latter, or perhaps the former that results from the latter and I can feel the weight of the responsibility of this. I have to choose but it’s not so much a fear of making the wrong choice but of not making a choice at all.

“On Friday mercury stations direct after his 3 week retrograde journey in which you've been very introspective, reflective and inward. All that you've reviewed, reassessed and rethought is ready to be acted upon come Friday.”

Now is the time! No more procrastinating. I’ve been ready for this but have been afraid I will just let it pass me by. I can’t let that happen, not this time, there are too many things telling me it is right and that I need to act.

“Pay attention to your dreams for messages of what to do.”

My dreams are active again but I need to remember them. I have to believe that I am absorbing what I need on some level but I now need it in my consciousness. Perhaps the action that I need to take has something to do with working on bringing these dreams and the messages from my subconscious to the forefront.

“The week ends with Jupiter moving into Pisces and your 2nd house of income, self worth and values. Jupiter is the greater benefic and wherever he transits he brings opportunity, abundance, blessings and luck. In your 2nd house you are set to expand your abundance consciousness in potent ways! But even more important than money is your value of yourself. Loving yourself unconditionally and realizing your deep worth will attract just what you want and need in your life.”

The areas of income, self worth and values are the ones that I believe this change will have a major affect on, although I don’t think they are the areas that the action will occur in. I usually feel comfortable in my level of self esteem, mostly because I have been in some terribly low places in these regards in the past and I know that I am not there now, but I do feel I have been doing some gentle work in this area and that there is a little more of the foundations that I should have laid years ago that it is now time to put into place. Foundations are definitely something I have been thinking about a lot.

“When making decisions this week stay out of the head and listen with the heart. It will not steer you wrong.”

I struggled so much yesterday because I needed to make a decision that I have been thinking about for a long time although hadn’t felt that there was anything I actually needed to decide on or choose between, despite what things may have looked like from the outside. I was ok with this for a long time but it all came to a very unexpected head last night; I hadn’t even known that it was brewing and suddenly I felt very intensely that I needed to make a decision. My head was telling me that I had thought this through for a very long time and I was at peace with where I was and that I hadn’t felt a need to change this before so to suddenly have it on my heart that I not only needed to make a decision but that there was a really big change that I had to make with my choices and that feeling as emotional as I did then it was the completely wrong time to be making a decision like this. Then I realised that I just had to listen to my heart. My heart was telling me that I was no longer meant to be with the church. So I decided to leave. For now, or maybe forever, either way I think will be ok. Another important thing I have learnt (or rather, had reinforced) is that these are not the sort of things that I need the help from other people in order to make my mind up. Sometimes it is good to have someone to bounce some thoughts or ideas off but if they tell you what to do then they can be perceived as trying to control you or lead your life and if they don’t tell you what to do then perhaps they may be thought of as apathetic and unsupportive. Neither is actually true. The truth is that I am being guided by my own counsel and that is the best advice there is. My heart will not steer me wrong.


wykd wytch said...

very big decision indeed...monumental in fact..lots of changes for everyone this year for sure....if you need to talk about this or anything else...you know you can always call me.

Natalie said...

Good for you, Wendy.

I really, really like Harmony, she is astounding.I can relate very much to what is doing, and actually, Jen and I started down that road many years ago. We all dip and weave, and it is good and right, to do so.

You are also completely correct when you say decisions ultimately have to be made alone. I never doubted for a minute, that you would find your own way to clarity.

Your decision resonates with me as well, for so many reasons.
I cannot align myself fully to either camp, preferring to take bits and pieces of what I like, and to leave the rest. It is my belief (for me) that fully immersing myself in one particular area or belief system, only limits the endless choices the Universe has made available to me.

Wishing you God's / Universe's richest blessings, for your personal fulfillment. Go in peace and clarity. ♥ :D

LORENZO said...

Amazing how predictions are often so relevant to what is happening in our lives. Sometimes they even work as advice or they motivate you to move. Hope all goes well...