Monday, July 12, 2010

My Life

So many changes
such unusual energy
am being told that this is good
and am definitely seeing
and feeling
many, many improvements
and potential
where not so long ago
was an horrendous void
but am still trying
to get a proper hold
to sink my fingers in
and grip
to find security
amidst the change
that should be good
but somehow
all of the
dark moon energy
seems to be
the new moon energy
so all of the promises
of positives
of what is about to be
still seems so distant
that it might as well be
a million light years away
as just around the corner
as is being promised
and even though i do believe
that this positive change
is close
and the negative energy
is definitely in the past
this is like a limbo
that might as well be
a void
because the good
and the positive
is not yet able to
through the thin veneer of sanity
to get to the heart
of the matters
which have held court
in the dark recesses
from which the shadows still lurk
and all around me
my logical eye
sees and knows
what is about to be
and it sees and knows
this is good
but at the same time
my feeling eye
sees and knows
that there is still much shadow
within us all
and that  our path
through the forrest
to the land of promises
is not a wide, smoothly-pathed highway
and we are not
riding in luxury cars or planes
but are being carried
by our own two feet
which are attached to the body
that we tend to take for granted
and prevent ourselves
from making the best progress possible
but when we look at what we have
and what we can do
and position our inner Self
so we are facing forward
and are prepared to simply
get on with the hard work
and the many arduous tasks
that are before us
without stopping to pay the same tolls
over and over again
for other people's choices
so we fail to collect
on the rewards of what we have done ourselves
of that many things we have achieved
and just knuckle down
and move on
then we are just making things
more difficult for ourselves.

So, awake I was
in the wee small hours of the morning
to work with theamazing energies
that are happening around us at the moment
with the new moon
and the solar eclipse
and all of the other changes
that are taking place with the astral bodies
that surround our planet
that affect us
as above
so below
and I have determined my focus
and have set my intension
before the divine
and as I create within
so I will create without
once this new energy
finally enters my life.

1 comment:

Rob-bear said...

Cryptic and puzzling as always, Wendy. Not sure what to make of it, except that I sense that change, positive change, is happening.

Blessings on the journey.