Monday, September 27, 2010

Purposeful Life

Always a million things
circling around
in the limitless limits
of my cranial cavity
bumping into one another
or travelling their merry path unhindered
such is the existence
of each solitudinous thought.

Today seem an abundance
of active thoughts
of thoughts about thoughts taking a back seat to deeds
and yes, indeed, there are many deeds, of which I am thinking today.

So many plans
so many things to do
teetering on overwhelm
but somehow controlled
because somehow seeming
more possible today
than other day
that are otherwise identical
other than the ability to work with overwhelm
rather than be engulfed by it.

Something I have decided lately
is that while I long for a more simple life
of things being easier
with less to do
this is not what I want at all
because it is these things
that make me feel alive
and that give me a passion for life
and for living
and the inspiration and drive
to continue each day
and to seek out a purposeful existence
and that is the way I want to live.

As much I am not really doing
crazy, overwhelming, ridiculously busy life
I don't think I could do
simple, easy, routine and boring life either.

What I need to be working towards
is not simplicity
although that works well for some
for me it is my fate
to be busy
and to learn that planned down time
is not laziness
and that relaxation
can also be purposeful
but most of all
I seek to live a full
and busy
and purposeful life.


Rob-bear said...

"So many plans
so many things to do
teetering on overwhelm"

You, too, eh? I know that kind of feeling.

The other option, as you realize, is to
"seek to live a full
and busy
and purposeful life."
as opposed to running away from life.

Or, perhaps, as the sign on my wall says, "live with intention."

That is actually very freeing.

Bear hugs from "up north."

Lisa said...

excellent- so we have a plan to not have a plan, well maybe a plan, because it makes us feel alive.

Wendylogic- first smile of the day goes to you Goddess of all things