Saturday, November 27, 2010

My Passion

Knowing something
understanding it
is not the same
as being able to define it
and it is this skill
that I have been
increasingly lacking in
over the last
however many years.

Just very recently
I have noticed
this is something
that I have started to regain.

To not be able to say
what I think
or to express it
and also remember it
has plagued me
like a gaping hole
in my very consciousness
that I had an awareness of
as this was still knowledge
and understanding
but I just couldn't define it.

It is only now
that I am starting to
regain this paradise of words
that I can see
how much it has affected
my sense of self
because as human beings
we look for patterns and
dare I say it
to find understanding
but this process must work
in both directions
and words are the tools
that separates us
from the beasts.

Some reading I am doing at the moment
with a 'how to' type book
has made me realise
just how many of these techniques
I had already known
and actually been apply
from a very early age
but that had become
lost in the ether of my existance
and this realisation
has been incredibly eye opening
but not regretfully so
for a very, very nice change.

There are so many things
that I am trying to sort out
about who I am
versus who I was
and who I never was
and never will be
and in this process
I am pleasantly surprised
to find that some things that I had longed for
yet given up hope on
are actually still part of me.

That rediscovery
is inspiring
and something
that I know I can build on
and is key
to finding
my passion.


Rob-bear said...

You are so right, Wendy; knowing something and understanding it are two very different experiences.

Lots of times I know something long before I understand it. And I find that terribly frustrating.

Blessings in your rediscoveries! (Bear hugs, too.)

Chez said...

Wendy the title of today's post is very appropriate, as is the message. I am struggling to feel 'passionate' about anything and this is not good for me.
Thanks for reinforcing my thoughts.

Wendy said...

Blessings, friends. It's lovely to receive your comments and to hear the resonance you have found in my post. x♥x

Cucipata said...

Isn't interesting how sometimes we have life completely figured out, and then out of the blue we have no idea where we are going or how we got there? Life is full of mysteries, and understanding ourselves is probably the biggest one of all...