Thursday, April 14, 2011

Be Seen

I've been dazed and confused
for so long it's not true.

Once passionate
my whole being
seems to have slowly but surely
faded into a faceless stream of placidity.

Yet I have noticed
some things
have really pushed my buttons recently.

Not that I am outwardly angry.

It's like I am having these feelings
but it has been so long since I felt them
that I no longer remember
what to do with them
so they whirl around inside me
and bounce off the walls
trying to get me to react.

But I don't.

through this tumultuous calm
I see the point.

A realisation
opened to me
by the emotions
that are felt
without the clouding
of the physical
and I see
that it is a clue.

Something to point me
to drive me
to tell me
what I can
and should
be doing.

But do I have the energy?

Do I have the motivation?

Do I have the time?

In all honesty
I truly believe
that I do have all of these
if I only choose to find them
but whether or not I will do this
remains to be seen.


Jac said...

Besides the noble art of getting things done, there is the noble art of leaving things undone. The wisdom of life consists in the elimination of non-essentials.
~Lin Yutang

Wendy said...

Nicely quoted, Jac. Do you wonder if your friend Lin may have been referring to facebook?

Jac said...

Very possible ;)

greekwitch said...

Your post has struck a cord inside me. It felt like you put in words something vague inside me, something that is in my mind for so long. The post i wrote today although so much different than yours seems now to me a different angle of a similar situation. I am in search for balance in so many levels. I begun a weekly theme to keep me motivated, so i can find energy, to make the time..for me.(Forgive the horrible quote!)