Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Chocolate is Such a Fickle Friend

Very tired and lethargic - slept most of yesterday, even after a decent nights sleep and then with a good nights sleep after that.

Feel like I'm struggling mentally but not with anything in particular. Having some seriously concerning thoughts about the futility of it all in regards to the world in general, pretty intense and have tried to ignore but I constantly feel like they are not far from the surface.

Feel like a totally different person to who I was a few days ago, and different again to who I was a few days before that.

Intense cravings for chocolate - probably just premenstrual - but no thoughts for alcohol, which is good. Cheated on the diet already. Was soooo hungry yesterday and ate and ate and ate but only allowable things in between naps on the lounge but succumbed in the night :-(

Not sure what is going on in my head.

Big doubts about potential new business. Did a tarot reading about that as follows:

1. Short term positive: VIII Swords - mental anguish, separation
2. Mid-long term positive: X Wands - heavy burden
3. Short term negative: II Coins - juggling money
4. Mid-long term positive: XI Justice - legal issues
5. Go/No go - should I proceed: XVIII Moon - things are not what they seem (I also dropped the moon card when shuffling)

So, this seems to be pretty clear to me that this is not a good idea. I then did a spread regarding my employment prospects as follows:

1. Short term: Queen of Swords - strong, intellectual woman
2. Mid term: XIV Temperance - balance
3. Long term: Knight of Wands - action, travel, movement
4. Overall: XV Devil - slave to the grind

Not a particularly wonderful reading but a safer one and one that is much more me.

Took myself off to the movies today, which was great. Saw 'Burn after reading' with George Clooney and Brad Pitt. Most unusual and I'm still not sure if I liked it or not. The reviews were really mixed and I can understand why, patience and tolerance were needed but it was a quirky yet simple plot and the acting was good. There were a few surprises but a partially good outcome and it moved quite nicely throughout. Only cost me $8 as well, which was a bonus. Picked up some fruit and vege at Harris Farm Markets so we are very well stocked in that department here now.

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