Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A Good Thing

Have new business name so it's starting to seem very real now. Trying to design a logo. The tea lady is making an appointment with the accountant. I have an appointment with the Business Enterprise Centre. Our first potential client is about to lose their current provider. The time is upon us.

My affirmation card from last night was 'Doorways to awareness':
All painful pitfalls and disturbing experiences in my life are potential doorways to higher awareness. Each such created episode offers me a chance to see beyond the illusionary "hard luck" stories of life. Within every negative event is the opportunity to challenge the emotion of fear and wisely chose love instead. True perception identifies each fear as it is presented and I am empowered with an awareness that enables me, via a God-centred faith, to transmute fear to love.

I know it sounds very emotional but I think it fits really well with my mundane life at the moment. Getting a lot of negative events and doubt was attacking the surety that I felt when I received the news that the office where I was working was closing and this was creating fear. If I look at this time as a challenge that will help me overcome my fears then that surely must be a good thing.

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