Monday, November 10, 2008

All Very Serious

Doing much better today.

Wonderful weekend!

Nice drive up to Diamond Beach. Went to the beach on arrival then jumped in the pool - the length of the days at this time of year are sooooo nice. Accommodation listed as 3.5 star but nicer than some 4 star places we have stayed and only $110 per night. The whole place was really nice and I thought it was just perfect for what we needed. Very neat and tidy and very well decked out. I was very happy there.

BBQ dinner and board games. Showers then kids in bed. Nice bonding time with The Starchild but didn't get to talk ideas with him about the tea lady and my potential business venture; I did appreciate the increased support from initial reactions though.

Saturday morning saw The Starchild and the widdies heading down the beach after breakfast and me with an hour or so to myself *smiles*

Had leftover BBQ chicken wings and sausages for breakky; tidied up and had a shower. Headed down the beach where it was warmish but cloudy overhead and a fair breeze blowing. Watched dolphins playing in the breaking waves and enjoyed the elements. Pool next, then putt putt golf. Games room after lunch and giant chess with me and the Kman (even though we didn't really know the rules).

All quite organised for departure on Sunday, no stress, played in park before leaving and napped in the car on the way home. Happy days.

Had yummy frozen Aldi char-grilled vegies for lunch and decided on zero-tolerance on crazy shake diet again. Wish me luck with that! Committing to meditating, drinking 2 litres of water and getting around 7 hours sleep each day. Also, increasing activity levels - aiming at exercising at least four times per week. Feeling much more positive about this aspect as well.

The Starchild's truck is still stuffed. Gear box not right. In and running but needing to come out and that is sure to be a problem. Offered to pray; what else can ya do, eh?

Got the cleaning bug last night and it seems to have carried into today a bit. Got through all of the clothes and enough ironing to last the week and still have plans to get through some more but it will probably be tomorrow night. Have YAAD stuff to do today but am getting ahead on that where I was previously abysmally behind, would not have been able to catch up if still working - now, there's that glass half full girl again!

Thinking more and more about how to make the potential business opportunity a viable option. Would be easier if didn't have child care to consider as that is a major factor in decision. I really need a job now as we really need the money (refer to previous comments re: truck, not to mention normal living expenses, birthdays and that most expensive time of the year - Christmas!) but I would like to get things up and running as quickly as possible.

Made an appointment with the Business Enterprise Centre for next Monday. Trying to find a good name that hasn't already been taken. Eyeing off a particular customer that would get us started. Have potential office space sorted. Looking at IT&T, banking. This all sounds very serious, doesn't it? And all this while in the middle of doing a water change on my fish tank - I'd better get back to that now.

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