Monday, November 24, 2008

Things Are Certainly Looking Uncertain

Fantastic weekend. Drinks and BBQ at the tea ladies house on Friday night and also got stuck into marketing powerpoint for ML. Much fun and good progress.

Housework on Saturday am. Then grandma bunny came over and took the widdies out and The Starchild and I made our escape for the night. Stayed at The Boathouse at Tea Gardens and it was wonderful. The room was just lovely - full kitchen, large balcony overlooking the lakes with boats and all, dining table, two lounges, pay TV, bedroom with second telly (with Pay TV as well), marble two basin vanity, walk in wardrobe/change room - and of course the spa, which had a big window that you could either roll the TV from the bedroom in front of and watch telly in the spa or look out the bedroom window over the water.

Dinner at the local on Saturday night. Afterwards, The Starchild watched the footy while I played guitar. Lots and lots and lots and lots of lovin. Good sleep. Early rise to watch the sun come up. Spa bath then a work out then breakfast then another spa bath and time to go. Had a bit of a drive round, checked out Ocean Beach, had a cuppa at a cafe/art gallery and then headed home. It was just so nice and it was such a shame that it was only one night. Missed the widdies but it was was wonderful to get time away all the same.

House was all good when we came home and grandma bunny and the widdies were out again so got to unpack and have a quick relax before they got back. Then a cuppa and a chat before bidding farewell to granma bunny. Played with the widdies, snoozed on the lounge, had dinner, watched season final of Idol (yay, Wes!) and stayed up till 1am watching telly, folding clothes and sipping wine.

Had an interview with another recruitment agency today, went much better than the last one but no promising jobs. Got a call from a different place again later in the day. The tea lady has put in her resignation.

Tarot spread on available choices talks about Faith, the Queen of Cups, the Two of Swords and The Fool for the ML option. Karmic spread gave me three of The Fool and three of The Devil.

It will be ok but it is still very uncertain, me thinks. I do feel very positive about life in general today and am very enthusiastic about everything I am doing so that has to be a good thing.

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