Saturday, December 20, 2008

To Sleep: Perchance To Dream

Very weird four-part dream, last night. Details are fading already but will try to capture what I can here.

I went to an office which was meant to be the last place I didn't get the job at but the location and everything physically about it was different. I had some papers for the ladies there and there was a new employee at the front desk. I was trying to work out if she was the one that got the job over me. She looked professional from a far but as I got closer to her and watched how she was dealing with people coming in and out (there were some other interviews for a junior position being held) she looked like she was overwhelmed. When I got to her I told her I had papers to drop off and she was really lovely, but clearly not coping. I was trying to delicately find out what her position was to see if it was the one that I had applied for but she didn't even know what her job title was. I felt that perhaps I had missed out on the job because they couldn't afford the money I was asking and that was ok. I also had the hope that they would end up ringing me back to make me an offer as things weren't working out.

When I left, I saw a girl I used to work with, who, for the purpose of this blog, will be referred to as Poison Ivy. She was in the car park with about four or so of her friends, they were laughing and having fun as girls of their age should. She saw me but looked away quickly, but I said Hi. She said something nasty and then one of her friends started to abuse me. I actually felt a bit worried so I got into the car and was trying to lock the doors but the central locking button was weird and then I realised that I was in The Starchild's truck. I remember thinking that this person didn't even know me and from what she was saying she had been told all sorts of things that never happened. I said something to her along those lines and she said that she sticks up for her friends no matter what. So, I just wished them both well and drove off.

On to part three of the dream. I was driving away in the truck and was on a fairly busy road. It was early evening so it had just gotten dark and there was a young child on a bike riding on the road with his father walking next to him. I slowed right down but I couldn't understand why they would be on the road. I was keeping a distance and trying to position the truck so no one else could hit them accidentally. I gave a light beep of the horn and both the man and the child saw the truck but they kept riding on the road and swerving over the lane as little kids do when they're learning to ride. I've been really trying to work on my frustration lately with people driving ridiculously slow on the roads so perhaps this is where this part of the dream came from. Then in the dream the father started to abuse me. I yelled something back about what sort of an idiot takes a small child riding on such a busy road and that he was lucky that I was such a careful driver as it was a recipe for disaster. I remember thinking the rant I would tell The Starchild about it when I got home but then I thought that I wouldn't bother as he wouldn't be interested because he sees stupid things like this on the road every day.

In the last part of the dream I stopped off at a supermarket on the way home and Poison Ivy was there as well as her bff at the time I knew her, Ms Frost. The last time I heard directly from Ms Frost, she was really nice to me and relaxed and not defensive as Poison Ivy tends to make people feel but in the dream she was trying to be a smart ass bitch. Then one of the other lovely girls I also worked with at this time came up and was also ignoring me. This is so out of character for this girl in particular and I have seen her a few times since and she has always been so lovely, even giving me presents for the kids. But in the dream she had been also catching up with Poison Ivy and had been, well, poisoned as well. But I just started talking and being myself and then this girl and Ms Frost also started to remember what I was really like rather than the poison crap they had been listening to from Poison Ivy. Soon, we were all chatting and laughing and having fun but Poison Ivy was just seething with anger. She ended up saying something nasty to me and I just said something about her actively engulfing her life with poisonous lies and what it was making her.

And that's all I remember now.

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