Monday, December 15, 2008

Ye, Gods!

I'm so drunk I can barely type and I'm fearful of the drivel that I may come out with at the moment.

Odin arrived, as did queen muck. The smiley monster was adorable in a loud an annoying way but they seemed quite taken with Talisman - what worth do humans have over dogs, eh? I found myself preparing in the back of my mind for a big showdown as I am self-vowed to never again play the stupid games that have been going on for 20 odd years but I am still a person who is increasingly enjoying living in the moment for the joys of different personalities and I was surprised that it was the latter that I found more relevant to the interactions of today. I was blunt and did the whole shoot from the hip thing that I so excel at - at the hour and a half mark there were preparations to leave until I blurted out "you've got be be kidding, you haven't even been here for two hours and I haven't seen you for years". Surprisingly there seemed to be an increase in comfort and enjoyment from queen muck at that point on. No, seriously, she seemed to start to relax and have fun after admitting that she only wanted to leave so she could have a 15 minute power nap before they went out for dinner. But I enjoyed it and I am so glad to see Odin. I love him so much and see my true self in him more than when looking in the mirror. If only we each had the balls to be who we are.

On a different (yet maybe strangely similar) note, I have a plan. I don't know that it is very definitive and I don't think it will start tomorrow as theoretically it means that my day begins at 6am with a workout and I just can't see that happening after all of have partaken in this afternoon and evening, but it is a plan never the less. And I will go so far as to Title Case it so is it now The Plan. And I believe in The Plan. And it is good to know The Plan and be instrumental in The Plan. I'm over my little hissy fit - never too old for one of those - and not feeling angry anymore. The Plan has given me hope and it is that eternal optimist that is part of my core that is fighting it's way back to the surface. And I love it. The possibilities of The Plan. It's all good I'm sure.

We have almost competed the trampoline area in the back yard. The Starchild is such a hard worker but I did my limited yet fair share as well today. I'm sure I will be suffering physically over the next day or so as a result but it felt so good to be part of the end result.

The impossible princess was sick last night and Kman and I both felt pretty off-colour today with him yakking and me cleaning into the wee small hours this evening. I hope the rest of the night is better as I'm in no fit state to clean, even if that was something I felt moved to do.

I liked the automatic writing thing so did a quick auto-pilot trip now:

Would like to start by saying that to take off the veil of humanity, one has to take of the veil off life. That we are all here because we have chosen to be and even though that is not what I usually think it is never the less true.

It will be way cool when I can decipher this crap, don't you think?

For now, I am and I am and I am and I am. Aren't you?

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