Thursday, December 18, 2008

Who's Winning?

Where has the time gone?

Cute email from my would-be witch niece last night that I spent, oh, about an hour replying to - gee I can waffle on sometimes.

Did some Xmas shopping today. Still have so many people to buy for. Gee I wish I'd said nicer things about KRudd, then maybe he would have given us some money as well.

Appointment with the accountant to look at setting The Starchild up as a business. Keep telling myself that not only will this be a viable option, it will also be prosperous and will allow for growth in this area.

Have a christening in Sydney on Saturday, then visiting on Sunday. The bear is helping out with gifts as well - yay! I'll have to take back all of those mean and uncharitable things I said about her now.

Blister in the San rang yesterday - good chat with general consensus that glitter can solve all of the worlds problems.

It's been outrageously hot but a huge wind has just blown in with some rain that dried up as soon as it hit the ground because the ground was so hot. I wonder what the BOM and also Ken Ring have to say about this.

End of year party at The Cottage last night - very nice with lots of people there. I wonder what next year will bring on this front. I'm in two minds about where I want all this to go. I'm really happy to have kept up with the YAAD stuff and have taken on board the warnings of increased work next year. Obviously the universe thinks that this sort of stuff should be my focus, rather than getting a job.

Stayed up late again last night and got a bit of a sleep in this morning, which was wonderful. Kman is staying at the outlaws tonight and is now booked into camp in January. Car rego is due today and has actually been paid - yippie. Had to get two types and miscellaneous bulbs etc and for some reason the online payment didn't process but I did it over the phone and the best thing of all is that this years rego sticker is purple and I will have it on for the whole 12 months.

That's about all of the exciting news for now.

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