Saturday, January 10, 2009

Achievement vs. Success

Bit of a sleep in - only till 9 but that was ok.

Unrushed and uninterrupted shower, always a bonus. Clothed, hair and makeup (optional these days - well doing the hair and makeup are anyway) which is much simpler.

Visit to the tea lady with the impossible princess and the smiley monster. Nice, as always, although the widdies were boisterous, but that is as usual as well, I guess.

Jesmond on the way home. Wholly unremarkable.

The Starchild was attacking the outside of the house with the Karcha and it looked like he had been at it for some time before we got home. Still going several hours later, not sure what was involved but seemingly satisfying or so it seems. Poor guy has crashed out face down on the bed without making it to the shower. Ah, but procrastination is his enemy on many levels, particularly when it comes to doing anything for himself. Not as in being lazy, just as in usually putting everything else ahead of his own needs.

Read a lot today but haven't really achieved a lot :-(

Going to Sydney tomorrow :-( :-( At least it's only a day trip and all of the clothes are washed, dried and folded. It's a much nicer way to start the week. Might get onto the ironing on Monday.

It's wonderful to have the Kman back. He spent most of the day on Club Penguin. Must have had bad withdrawals after a week away. One of his fellow campers is also on Club Penguin so that's nice.

Yes, not a day that was high on the achievement list but a successful day never the less.

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