Monday, January 5, 2009

The Queen of Organisation and Logistics

The toy room is a mess - I mean, a work in progress. Have finally disbanded the travel cot come toy box that has been residing in our family room for nigh on three years now. Have a lovely pile of toys in excellent condition looking for a new home and therefore an excellent excuse to visit Saint A, perhaps on Thursday as it seems I have something on every other day this week.

Taking Kman to camp tomorrow (or, today, that is), with a visit to the outlaws as I will be in the area. Mayhaps shopping at Glendale so the impossible princess can purchase some long coveted items known as Beados. Some administrative stuff to do as well but 'tis the way for an organised creature such as I.

Have caught up on a few emails and now only four people to reply to. Might also start looking at new vans as would be required when running a logistics company - or maybe laptops as that will be more fun!

Oh, oh, oh! I nearly forgot. We went to the drive ins last night to see Adam Sandler in Bedtime Story. Kman really liked it, the impossible princess liked it well enough, The Starchild liked it a fair amount apparently, I thought it was okay and the smiley monster ran amok and then fell asleep. We did the widdies in the back of the X-Trail with the boot up with The Starchild and I camped out on chairs and it was great. We went just after Christmas to see High School Musical 3 (yes, you read that right). I actually really like the HSM movies and the impossible princess positively loves them. Even Kman holds back on the criticisms and self-consciuos objections without going so far as to say he actually likes them. It rained a bit that night but only lightly and only for a short time and then it was quite a nice night.

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