Saturday, January 10, 2009

Monsterous Non-Smiley Smiley Monster

Spooked myself tonight. How unusual; I'm such a wuss. Seem to be going through a stage of noticing things on the peripheral more of late but this time with images and crazy, terrible situations filling out the back story in my mind. Not good. Hence the spooking. Forced myself to go back downstairs to pack up (and wouldn't have done so at all if there wasn't still leftovers from dinner to be put in the fridge) but couldn't bring myself to turn off all of the lights. Phfff - pathetic, right?

Slight delay in registering the company name. Wanted to make sure it was done in the best way for the tea lady if she decides to come on board but when I told her what I was thinking and asked her what she thought would be best but she had a bit of a soul search and decided it would be best not to commit at this time due to the temp job she has just started, amongst other things I guess (which is a bit like me a few weeks ago, except I wanted to have a job and couldn't decide which way to head). Was very disappointed but mostly I'm having trouble knowing that she is not in a very good place at the moment and I don't feel I can help.

The Kman is back home. He has been so chatty and he has a really fun personality, even if he is terribly mean to his sister, I marvel at the individual he is. He had a really wonderful time at camp and I'm so glad that he is getting these sorts of experiences. We had a roast together for dinner, which was good, even though I didn't get to go to full moon at the cottage as a result. There's a birthday party tomorrow night but I'll play it by ear as to whether I will go or not. Not very organised but I'll give myself a break on that until the morning at least.

The zoo is surprisingly tidy at the moment. Even got to vacuum everywhere today and mopped some of downstairs as well. The shower screens are all sparkly and clean from yesterday's effort. Kitchen bins get a clean yesterday (yay, The Starchild) and am spending more time just playing with the widdies, which is wonderful.

Took the impossible princess and the smiley monster to the library this morning but despite positive explanations in advance of the required level of behavior, the smiley monster was a monster so didn't stay long. Borrowed 'The Bible for Dummies' for me and 'Pearl Barley and Charley Parsley' for the impossible princess. Nothing for the smiley monster because he was a monster. Hopefully with more regular visits things will improve. They didn't seem to have many places to just sit and read, which was not how I remember the library. Have picked up a summer schedule of all of the things that are on at the local libraries so might get to a few of those in the holidays as well.

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