Friday, January 23, 2009

Hooray For Me

So, I piked on doing the utility cupboard today - must have decided it would be a better thing to embark on with the smiley monster home today so he can "help" when I have everything out of the cupboard and all over the kitchen.

Thinking about giving the kids back to school hair cuts today. Also going to put my accountant hat on and do The Starchild's BAS. One visitor planned for today with another one still tentative :-)

Another busy day to be sure!

Have had two decent nights sleep in a row and my sniffles are all gone. Just a bit of a lingering headache but not too bad. Will have one last dose of the cold and flue tablets (which I had to show my drivers license to buy coz it's such a crazy old world we live in these days) and hopefully that will be it.

Got a call from the Virgo Nurse yesterday who is in the midst of wedding plans - very exciting! She wanted me to have my hair and make up done with the bridal party, which I really appreciated and have actually agreed to - very unlike me. Concern over the nine live cat with clipped wings - funds needed but the M word is crying poor after receiving $60K from sale of house less than a year ago. Not entirely surprising but heartbreaking given the current need. What is surprising is that I have found that I am not feeling resentful about this - or indeed about any part of the situation and all that it means to the lives of me and my family. The word resentful is still there on some level but it is just a word now and doesn't seem to have any emotions attached. This is a big step I guess but it doesn't feel sensational at all, it just feels normal. It's good to let go of some of the intense feelings I have been carrying for 15 years now and to know that I did it as a conscious choice and through accepting responsibility only for the things that I can control.

Going to Sydney on the weekend, BBQ with the outlaws on Monday then class on Monday night. Am actually feeling organised. Hooray for me on so many levels!

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