Thursday, January 22, 2009

Rescue Stand By Alert

Good visit last night from Mrs P to progress the company stuff. There are a few action points on me so I'd best get cracking, hey.

Play date for the impossible princess ended up being arranged for 11am-ish so that gave us time to get to the shops. Kman spent his Xmas vouchers on lots and lots and lots of Lego - he's one happy camper and I have earnt bonus points as I assisted in the decision making process and while the two finalist in the 'Most Expensive Lego Ever' category were both very worthy, the one I suggested is apparently coolest with lots of traps to build (it's an Indiana Jones one) and crazy-ass extra's like spiders and spider webs and two Lego skeleton dudes. Yes, when it comes to choosing cool Lego, I certainly know my stuff and can please any nine year old, to be sure. I only hope I can maintain this demi-mother status as he grows older.

I also picked up another DVD, like I didn't have enough. Oceans Thirteen this time. Looking forward to watching that. Hmmmm.

Last purchase was two plastic jugs (one for taking water into the rainbow lorrikeets aviary and one to help the kids change the water in their fish tanks) and two plastic drawer units for the utility cupboard in the kitchen. Very happy with them so far but the final test will be in a few hours once I have finished taking everything out of the cupboard and executing the re-org (will I ever stop with the retail speak? - hey, at least I'm not going to draw up a plan-o-gram!)

So, that's were I'll be for the next few hours. If I don't resurface then please alert Kman to send his Lego Indiana Jones in after me.


Melora said...

Hello baby! he he he
Wendy has a blog Wendy has a blog!! Yay yay yay!
From one lady of leisure to another..mmmmwwwaaahhhhhhh.....

dragonesque said...

Yes, here I am - can't hide forever! Welcome, my pretty :-)