Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Thanks For The DVD's

Sat down a read through the junk mail yesterday morning and found that there were a few little odds and ends that I was quite interested in. As the specials weren't to start until Thursday 22nd, I decided to write myself a little list. Then last night I realised that I have organised a play date for the impossible princess on Thursday. Yes, I know that they only *start* on Thursday but I didn't want to go on another day and digging through the dregs (particularly with Target as always seems to be the case).

But I decided to venture out in to the big, wide world today to go to the chemist and buy one of everything in stock in order to a) try to make myself feel better, b) give options to The Starchild in case he decided to take something (he is becoming increasingly fussy about so many things but mostly the medicine stuff is cause he is worried about taking stuff when he is driving and usually so tired already), and c) re-stock widdie medicine supplies in case they need it soon.

While out and about, I wandered into Big W and found that they were stocking their displays for their big DVD sale (which was all I had on the list for that store, and quite unusual cause I usually don't look at the DVD sales in catalogues) and though they didn't have tickets or shelf talkers, they did have the catalogue pages and to my very pleasant surprise, the DVD's scanned at the special prices. Well, all except one and I just told them at the register and they got it checked and then charged me the lower price.

So, the list I made for DVD's was more extensive than I thought I'd buy just so I'd have a wide range to chose just a few to purchase from. But as I worked my way through the list I was finding all of the ones I put down so I ended up having to stop looking cause I was worried about how much I was going to spend. So, I ended up with 13 movies for about $110. Very chuffed am I and very grateful to the universe that it all worked out. Have been reading up on the Law of Attraction and this is one of those things that may or may not be related but if I choose to think it is related and it makes me happy and gives me another reason to express gratitude to the world then that has to be a good thing, right?

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