Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Know Thyself

As sleep again runs fleeting from my reality, I am left to wander cyberspace and ponder. And, having pondered, now I blog. And, as I blog, the words 'know thyself' are crashing around inside my head like marbles in a blender. Perhaps the similarities there are too many than I'd care to admit.

For most of us, we pass through many phases on our journey but the constant desire on some level in all of the malleable motions and milestones is to know thyself. And, true to the natural laws allowing nothing to remain constant except change itself, the meaning and application of this phrase will also change, adapting itself and our unrelenting line of questioning - sometimes of others and sometimes of ourself - with various interpretations of one word, then the other, then both as an intrinsic partnership that neither God nor man can separate.

In these simple two words the antiquated phrase lives and breathes and in them we can ponder greater mysteries than our navels will ever provide. The level of meaning in a word such as know, and just whom is this unimaginable and incomprehensible thy that couples with the self - is it personal, collective or divine? Is it another attempt at mankind trying to define our entire existence so reminisce of the holy trinity that it makes your hair follicles stand on end and incites some crazy notion to use the word follicles two times in the one sentence.

And, somewhere in the void, we aspire to attain the level of comfort that we know with every fibre of our being that knowing thyself will deliver. So, we look within, and it's not there. So we look without and we're just not sure what to make of all that either. At worst case we find false prophets and at best case we spend too much of our precious time looking under rugs and behind couch cushions but, alas, to no avail. Then we look inwards again and so the cycle continues, sometimes catching glimpses that we rationalise into beliving were just some crazy sun-phobic albino with an umbrella in a crowd.

But unless we move on, then, quite simply, we do not move on. If we keep seeking the destination and place all of our value in one specific and measurable outcome, then we are wasting our time. And wasting our lives. And denying the joy that we deserve and the opportunity to revel in pure and unadulterated silliness as and when required, when demanded and when unexpected alike.

So, my wish right now is that knowing thyself with walk in, out, around, under, above, through and beyond all things mundane with which we coexist, so that moments of revelation will produce sheer delight that we can enjoy for the moment and allow to pass with the comfort not in the desire that they will return with the ultimate question to the ultimate answer of life, the universe and everything, but with the knowledge simply that they will return and and that they will deliver a never diminishing serving of that same joy if only we are open to this happening. Derive self confidence not from knowing thyself as a destination but in merely knowing that we are seeking and are acknowledging and are enjoying our findings on the way.


Lisa said...

yep xxx

Michelle said...

Snort...profound and ridiculous at once.

I love it!

dragonesque said...

Hey, I resemble that.

Natalie said...

Wonderful Wendy Wednesday.xx