Tuesday, March 3, 2009

10th Wedding Anniversary Accomodation Photos

Saturday the 28th of February was the 10th anniversary of the day The Starchild and I were married. We were able to arrange for my mum to stay at our house overnight to look after the kids a few weeks ago but were having trouble booking accommodation due to a number of factors, most notably because we wanted something that was really special, available for the one night of our anniversary and that we could afford. Not an easy combination I can assure you.

Being fervent supporters of the JIT (Just In Time) delivery method / supply chain solution, we ended up securing our booking on the Wednesday immediately beforehand. The place looked fabulous on the net and we were not disappointed when we were there. I thought I'd share some of the photos.

We stayed at a place called Clarendon Forest Retreat about 15km from Taree as the crow flies. After travelling down a long dirt road with the noticeable absence of helpful signage or directions along the way, we finally found what we were looking for:

Unfortunately we didn't have time for horse riding and I'd have been hard pressed to get The Starchild on a horse anyway but we are planning on going back with the kids so two of them will join me then I'm sure.

Clarendon consists of a number of cottages; we stayed in The Summer House.

The stained glass over the door also boasts the name of the cottage:

This was the view of the front veranda:

And this was the view from the front veranda:

The ceilings inside were amazing...

...as were all of the fittings and fixtures throughout.

The lounge area was a perfect size for two people.

Although it was too hot for the fire, how inviting does it look anyway?

This is a view of the lounge area from further back in the dining area:

And here is a full view of the beautiful dining setting:

From the other angle you can see up to the "loft bedroom":

Which looked more like this from close up:

And if all of that wasn't nice enough, here is the bathing area which was in a little alcove off from the lounge area:

With separate WC:

But the pièce de résistance was the sunken spa!

Ahhhh, luxury.

This was my offering for the guest book:

For all that may walk through this door
And hold the beauty here enthrall
Know that here you came by grace
And here may all you have embrace
Whether past or present now
With gladly smile or furrowed brow
Of wine or song or friend anew
That within your heart is true
Be here today, tomorrow gone
A sorrow sweet of both way torn
That we could go and yet to stay
And in our heart we know we may
For memories with us always be
And here we leave our energy.

So, all in all it was a lovely weekend and a fantastic way to celebrate our special anniversary.


mrsb said...

WOW! That looks amazing! I'd love to spend time in a place like that!

Happy (late) anniversary!

Michelle said...

Looks lovely, hope you had fun.

Kathleen said...

I love the combination of rustic meeting elegance ... it's almost like farm boy meets socialite girl!

Sounds like you had a beautiful time!

Natalie said...

I loved the shots, beautiful atmosphere for romance. :D

Hippy Witch said...

It looks beautiful, what a great life we have to be able to go to places like that.