Thursday, March 5, 2009

Thinking About ...

Thinking about Helen and her family with the birth of their baby girl.

Thinking about another wonderful phone call from Odin last night.

Thinking about whether the depositories for all of the books, songs, movies, TV shows etc etc that are constantly being produced will ever be completely full.

Thinking about how I managed to finish and send the overdue BAS, make several work-related phone calls, watch 2 hours of TV, meditate, research industry superannuation funds, send some emails, catch up on my f/b messages, do a little recreational reading, finish folding and putting away the clothes, have the family room, kitchen, dining room, lounge room and toy room all tidy, pick up the kids from school, organise school notes, homework and general after-school chores, organise feeding of the chooks and lorrikeets, have dinner on the table when The Starchild got home, shower kids, attend a "daddy, thank you for being our daddy party" that the impossible princess organised in the family room, exercise and also fit in an afternoon nap when some days I struggle to put away the breakfast dishes.

Thinking about doing it all again tomorrow.

Thinking about the bridge collapse at Maitland and being glad that I was too busy to go out to Rutherford as I had planned today and that The Starchild had re-arranged his work yesterday to do his Maitland drops then instead of today which meant that neither of us were in the area when it would have been entirely feasibly for either of us to be there around the time it happened.

Thinking about how wonderful it was to have every window and door in the house open today and knowing that the days to do that this season are becoming fewer and fewer.

Thinking about the feeling that I have forgotten something.

Thinking about the return of the vivid dreams last night that came for three weeks straight until I successfully drowned them with six bottles of wine in the previous week.

Thinking about DV terminals.

Thinking about three copies of the same bank statement in different names.

Thinking about the tea lady.

Thinking about church on Sunday and whether I will decide to do the thing I seem to be captivated with and terrified of at the same time.

Thinking about sleep.

Good night.


Michelle said...

Goodness me....

Hippy Witch said...

Now, Im tired just from reading that, I hope I don't fall asleep at work. HAHAHA

Jen said...

I am thinking that you are doing too much thinking!!!


Renee said...

Good morning.

Now I don't know too much about what is going on, because I was just lucky enough to come here but I do know a little about dreams.

Dreams that reoccur or play themselves out over and over are always trying to send a message. If the dream's message has any impact on the reality it will continue to show itself in the same way, if not it will look to show you the same message in a totally different way. If you are starting to figure out the meaning and it seems like you are then the dreams will stay the same but be slightly different each time (this means progress).

I could be wrong on both of these next pieces and believe me it wouldn't be the first time.

Will-power is like honeymoon love it can never last because the real things have to come in, so it isn't that you don't have it, it is normal for it to fade. Stamina is something else.

The other thing(I think) is that women all crave chocolate or something sweet usually the week leading up to their periods because physically their blood sugar levels drop.

And that is my two cents. Have a great weekend.

Love Renee

dragonesque said...

Thanks for all of the comments :-)

Renee, yes, the dream kept the same theme for a while and I thought I figured it out and it all made sense in my reality and it stopped for a while, or only recurred when it was relevant in what was going on in my life. But now some 6 to 12 months later it is recurring at what I think are irrelevant times and it is changing a little. Firstly it was the same thing but ending just before it all seemed to make sense, then I got some more information in the dream but when I explored it in reality it didn't seem right. The next time it came it changed a little and I STILL DON'T GET IT!!!! Very frustrating.

I have been through your wonderful 'Dreams in the theme of' posts and have searched many an internet site but can't find an explanation that makes sense. Am I missing something? Am I in denial? Or am I just not ready to understand yet and will all be revealed in time? Piffle to that! I'm having the dream now so surely I should understand it!

Sorry for all the exclamation marks. Awake and frustrated when I should be sleeping peacefully WITHOUT crazy-assed dreams that I don't understand!

Of course, not all of the dreams I have been having are on this one theme and many of them are enjoyable and insightful. Hurrumph. Such is the land of nod!