Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Divine In The Mundane

Zone Swimming Carnival for Kman tomorrow (which is technically today but with a sleep in between now and then - hopefully). Not looking forward to going to unfamiliar location with metered parking, limited seating and potentially no shade all day but proud as punch that my first born golden haired scientist child is actually representing his school at an event requiring physical activity - AND he has apparently been selected for two relay events where mostly they would only be selected in one.

Now, the empathetic anticipatory crash and burn fear is starting to take hold in me, but in my eyes he is already a winner and I know that he is also very proud of himself so it's all good.

Hmmm, a frog just jumped on my window (the window, the window, the second story window - yes, in all seriousness, I'm upstairs at the minute). Here's a photo of the little guy:

Got a phone call from my old boss today. Somewhat interesting but also not.

But the big thing for today was seeing all of the amazing solitaire projects. Most of the items we were given seemed to be about the same with just a few differences from what I can tell but the variety in the finished projects was astounding. I am just blown away by all of the beautiful and interesting work showcasing the talent, imagination and skill of my sisters that has been inspired by just a few simple and for the most part fairly unrelated items. The finished products are all so amazingly good though. I really had fun making mine and plan to blog about it with pics of course, but not tonight *yawns*

So, good night blog land. Wish my Kman good luck for his swimming carnival and may you all have the most blessed of days with many opportunities to bask in the glory of all you are through even the smallest of reminders of the divine in the mundane through our existence.


jewell said...

good luck to the Kman...as you say he is already a winner in your eyes

Lisa said...

yes, have done and survived many a zone swimming carnival ( Josh is an overachiever even in water)- not alot of shade, but you can leave when he is finished xxx