Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Gear Shifting Bunnies

Day Five of detox; all going well. Bit headachey on the weekend but much gooderer now and even back on the exercise bike today.

Still talking to myself...

...and still stumbling over the keyboard...

...but have also started dropping things.


I hate being a slow learner - I wish I could just figure out whatever all this is meant to mean and get back to being me who can type with an acceptable balance of speed and accuracy and who can hold onto any chosen object without casting it to the ground, rather roughly (or 'wather woughly, centurion' for all of the Monty Python fans out there).

Oh, light bulb moment - getting back to being me has been in my thoughts a lot but only in the idle kind, not in the decisive kind that one acts on. Mayhaps that is what I need to be focusing on directly rather than sitting here like a rabbit staring down a headlight - y'know the lights gonna win unless you get your butt into gear.


Natalie said...

I love Life of Brian...he,he,ha,ha.

Stress can be a factor in the things you speak of.

Chez said...

Please let me know when you 'get' the message. I often feel that it takes the brick wall falling on me.
Impressed by your results with the detox. Congratulations!

Lisa said...

wendy world- never boring xx

Sarah said...

I'm right there with ya hon!! Give yourself a hug and do at least one nice thing (not necessarily good for you) today. Sometimes it's more about the... stay out of the road, than run like hell thing. Thank you hon for stopping by my blog - huge hugs, Sarah

jewell said...

you know i dropped stuff and could not tpye..form words together when i was first pregnant!!!!

Hibiscus Moon said...

Could the clumsiness be from the detox? I've never done a detox except right before 2 colonscopies....yuck! I admire you for doing it. I don't know if I coudl stick with it. I love to eat too much.

Paula and Skip said...

I detoxed before and for many years did fastening too. I always felt light easy, high spirited, but well, on that stage I ve had a secretary hence I dont know if it did affect my typing skills :-)

dragonesque said...

Thanks, friends.
Yeah, I was clumsy and forgetful as well when I was pregnant but I'm not expecting to be now, touch wood.
Don't think I'm stressed either, my daily life is cruisier now than it has been in about a decade.
Ooooh, a secretary, that would be nice!
Maybe because of the detox, I've been sleeping more but feeling more tired so it could be that.
Either way, I seem to be getting better now. I do think that there was a message for me to get and that I am on the right path with getting back to being me. I think these things were trying to get my attention and now they have now I am working on applying them in my daily life.

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