Thursday, March 19, 2009

Here's to Awesome People

This award is from Jacqui over at Listening to Life. Most of you will know Jac already, but if you are yet to have the pleasure, do stop by and check out her very touching, insightful and real outpourings on life. She's one talented person and I really appreciate her making and passing on the 'Born to Blog' award.

Now, coz I'm not really a stickler for rules, unless, of course, they are my rules, in which case they are unwaveringly important and must be followed, to the letter, in every instance, and because Jacqui said it was ok, I'm gonna break with the normal blog award rules pretty much ala Natalie style and put this award up for grabs for anyone who feels they deserve it coz it's just too hard to nominate people.

Thanks again, Jac, and thank you to all of the other wonderful bloggers out there who are also Born to Blog.


Natalie said...

Wendy, I say love, I say love ,I say pet ~ YOU were born to

Lisa said...

when i saw the title of this post i hurried over with my new nails to see what you had written about me.............ppppffftttt........its all about Jac ! we already know how nice she is !