Friday, March 20, 2009

Happy Mabon

Each morning when I wake up, I start with roughly the same routine. Firstly, I get out of bed. A good start indeed and one that I count as my first of many victories for the day, as it is not the easiest thing in the world to do sometimes.

Next, I open the blinds. I am so lucky not to have any across the road neighbours. In fact, I love where I live so much and think about so many of the things that I love about it daily. I think that's called stopping to smell the flowers. Speaking of which, I wonder how my Heidi-hi is going?

The day pretty much goes on from there as one would expect, so why the need to blog, I hear you sigh, I mean ask? Well, when I opened the blinds this morning, I saw fog. I love the fog and it is another reminder that again the wheel is a-turning and we are really in Autumn.

Not that Autumn is my favourite season (sorry, YAAD sisters). I actually have two favourite seasons, first is Spring and next is whatever season we are in at the time. It's kind of like the old football saying: I follow two teams - Souths and whoever is playing Manly.

Anyway, as the morning progressed, the fog lifted, but about an hour later when taking the widdies to school, a five minute drive took us back into the fog. I took a quick couple of snaps with my phone (therefore apologies in advance for the quality) and thought I might share these with y'all:

Brightest of Mabon blessings to everyone. Have a wonderful day!

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Sarah said...

Whoo hoo on the play list - I looove mine!! It is Ostara here!! Merry Mabon there!! I adore Fall my favorite - sorry!! Have a great day, Sarah