Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Limerick Challenge

For each of my kids I've a limerick
Some came to me slow and some came quick
The oldest has two
And the second does, too
But for the third child I need one more rhyming trick

Want to help me? Here are the ones we have been singing for the last few years but I need another for the smiley monster:

There once was a boy named Kayne
Who was having a bath again
He pulled out the plug
And the water went 'Glug'
And he went down the drain

* * *

There once was a boy named Kayne
Who had a ginormous brain
'It was such a pity'
Said Ace, the middy
'That he is quite insane'

(Ace is one of our cats that I used to call mitty-mat as a play on kitty-cat because I didn't think Ace suited her and over the years this has somehow changed again so we mostly call her middy)

* * *

There once was a girl named Tara
Who wanted to play the guitar
She picked up the pick
But she gave up too quick
Without even learning a bar

* * *

There once was a girl named Tara
And she could run very far
She ran so fast
But she just couldn't last
So she ended up taking the car

* * *

The once was a boy named Riley
And he was very smiley
For one of his smiles
Well, I would walk for miles
Although he does give them quite shyly

So, any suggestions on Riley's second limerick?


Tania said...

I'm trying :)

but I did find this..

any help?

Natalie said...

There once was a boy named Riley
Who was thought of rather highly
By those in the know
'Cause he gave quite a show
His mummy just called him 'Smiley'.

Michelle said...

Oh go Nat!

There once was a chappy named Riley
Some thought he smiled rather shyly
But those in the know
Knew that this wasn't so
He thought of himself rather highly


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