Monday, March 30, 2009

YAY To Me On So Many Levels

What a weekend!

The Starchild left in the wee small hours of Saturday morning (albeit three hours later than a week day would have seen him leave) to drive to Lithgow to see the nine live cat with clipped wings in his new location. This is very good as well as very bad. The good is due to the facilities and general state of being; the bad is the extra travel for everyone making visits less frequent. Good old fashioned letter writing is back on the priority list though with two from me already - must be a record. YAY to me!

So, my Saturday was spent looking after the widdies, just for something different. Also, due to the end of the detox, some serious retoxing was in order and I fulfilled that requirement very well. The Starchild was most amused upon his return, which is wonderful and shows how much he is mellowing in his old age. We had some quality time together before I finally crashed for the night and we even remembered to observe Earth Hour, as long as running the laptop on battery power counts. YAY to me!

I was up early on Sunday, a little anxious and a little excited for both of the big events planned for the day. Went to church an hour early to join the rehearsal and all of a sudden the audience was full and I was singing with the worship team. I don't have time to go into all of the details at the moment but I am so amazed on so many levels and so proud to have taken this huge step. This is my YAAD dedication task and from the moment that I thought of it everything has just fit perfectly into place. YAY to me!

So, straight after service we jumped in the car and went to Sydney to meet the skeleton from the closet. OK, so he's not a skeleton and he is absolutely lovely. We didn't leave until 8.30pm and the Kman ended up too sick to go to school today, which is obviously not ideal, but it was very special and we all had a wonderful time.

Of course, this has stirred up some huge emotions and we are each dealing with things from our own perspective. I am angry about so many things and, being me, need to express this before I will be able to move on. Fortunately, those that I am angry at (apart from myself) are not in my direct firing line and I am good at just saying what's on my mind without it becoming an attack (sometimes) so I am being tolerated, which is probably wise for all concerned.

And, to help me heal, I have spent ridiculous amounts of money today on a new printer and a new camera. I love new toys!!!!

Sorry for this being a bit of a cryptic post but I don't have the time to dedicate to dealing with everything at the moment. We are officially trading as a company as of Wednesday and there is still so much to do for that. Have decided on the logo, which I have been stuck on for a stupid amount of time. It's not perfect - and I do so love perfect - but it will do for now. Even just saying that is a big step for me. And, I bet you can guess what I'm going to say about that: YAY to Me!


Natalie said...

Yay! for Wendy.xx♥

Lisa said...

well it certainly makes more sense now than it did this are special and this will work out..bland, boring but true xx

Sarah said...

Whoo hoo hon - you are right on so mny levels!!! I sang for years and trying to work up the nerve again - wonderful - didn't it feel great after you got started??? Looove tht feeling! Congrats on the new toys - love my new camera too!!
What new venture - am waiting to hear...... Sarah

Dragonesque said...

Thanks, friends, and yes, Sarah, it did feel great to be up there and because I wasn't crippled by nerves as I usually am I really got to enjoy myself. There was also a very cute boy in the front row that kept smiling at me - I think I have a fan, pity he was only five or six years old *lol*