Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Buzz then BUZZ then buzz then just ZZzzz...

I have been on a bit of a buzz of late and this buzz started to come into focus when writing my YAAD dedication vows (about an hour before class, as is my usual Just-In-Time delivery method for most things in my life).

During the blessing, I felt like I was big, like, uncontainably big. I didn’t really understand it at the time but it felt like my energy was too big for my physical being, particularly around my head and upper body.

During the blessing I felt comfortable, peaceful, extremely happy and a great sense of trust. Thank you, Lisa, it was another really wonderful experience and I am feeling completely aligned with my path at the moment. During the blessing, I also remember seeing a turquoise hue that rocked gently between shades of turquoise-blue and turquoise-green. The next day, without consciously doing so, I chose to wear clothes of the same colour, which made me smile when I did realise.

On Tuesday, I felt really alive. I had so much to do but I didn’t feel overwhelmed at all. I didn’t feel hungry for most of the day, but I drank lots of water (which is normal for me anyway). I got heaps done and noticed that my energy was starting to wane in the afternoon. I’m not sure if this was my little batteries starting to run flat or if it was the effects of being around other people. When I concentrated, I was able to get the buzz thing happening again, like entering a state of flow, which was wonderful and something that I will continue to work with.

I slept like a log for 8 hours that night, with vivid dreams (which, again, is normal for me at the moment) and woke up still tired. The first hour or so was ok and I started to feel better but then I got a call from a close friend who is having some health issues of the female plumbing variety that she is struggling to deal with. I do a few hours up at the school each Wednesday and was feeling quite lethargic. I went from there to visit my friend and the lethargy continued to increase. I'm actually not sure how much help I was to her as I was fairly lost for words - which is unusual for me - but I was there, with hugs, and I think that was appreciated at least.

When I came home, hubby was there and we decided on a spontaneous lunch date, which was really wonderful but I was still really tired. My period also started in the afternoon, which, although it was due, was more sudden than usual. The flow has been slightly lighter than normal and with slightly less aching and discomfort, but not all that much less so. Forgive the over-sharing on this point.

A normal, hectic kiddie afternoon followed but by 5pm I was ready to give up so I crawled into bed for a few hours. This is quite rare for me.

When I got up I was still really tired and not particularly hungry.

I'm not sure which factors, and to what degree, are effecting me at the moment, and, while they are surely fairly related, I am also trying to work out how holistically to look at this. Perhaps I am a little too vulnerable to other people’s energy at the minute and I need to work on some protection before subjecting myself to the world each day (or perhaps the other way around *lol*) for a while.

I’ll see how I go tomorrow but are there any suggestions?


Lisa said...

thank you for sharing this bryn- from my point of view i can see why you would be buzzing and also why you are perhaps a bit sensitive to others energies at this time.
water is good, as are salt showers/baths and ofcourse avoiding anger/pain energies.........what a beautiful witch you are dear one xx

Michelle said...

You could try pulling your energy in a bit closer to you. You are sharing with the world and it takes it's toll.

Just hold the thought and bring it in closer to you. Everyone you walk past at the moment is probably taking a piece of you away with them :)

Hippy Witch said...

Sheild your energy field before you leave the house of a morning, as Michelle said, imagine your aura shrinking closer to your physical body and then imagine a violet light surrounding your aura covered with a fine mesh, this will hold your energy and protect you from other peoples. Blessings

Anonymous said...

Those (b)witches have said there is nothing left for me!!!!!!!Oh well...w.w.