Thursday, April 2, 2009

Queen of Yawns

Better day today. Still the Queen of Yawns and have ducked under the radar of a few outreaches but have done the necessary (sounds a bit howz-ya-father, that does, hey?) and have made it through.

Am a skeleton widow tonight. The Starchild had gone a-wandering, mid-week even! Will be back tomorrow in time to head off again, this time for a much needed weekend away up north. Hope the rain clears so the widdies can enjoy the coastal features that were the reason that we booked where we did.

Dinner tonight is improv: curried egg lettuce wraps. Recipe is a to boil some eggs. Fry some diced bacon and spring onions on medium/high heat then add some water and brown sugar to the pan, stir well and continue to cook until water almost evaporated. Peel the boiled eggs then in a bowl and add some mayo, some curry powder and the bacon/sprint onion mix. Spoon into lettuce leaves, eat and enjoy. All quantities "to taste". Yummo!

Bought supplies for aspirations of being a sewerer (adj. someone who sews). Wish me luck!


Natalie said...

Might try your yummo eggs, Thanks!xx

Lisa said...

those googs sound divine- dont know they would fill HOM and SOm would not even look at them, but i would and so would DOM.....excellent bendy wendy xx