Thursday, April 9, 2009

Day of Procrastination

Enjoying the sunshine as the days cool. Much to do; much to do!

Virgo Nurse and Bones coming up tomorrow - and such a mess everywhere I look, hence the very dark glasses I am currently wearing to dim my view. Virgo Nurse will only be up for a day or so but Bones will likely be here longer, although the duration is like bistro maths and something that cannot be determined by those in their late teens - apparently this indecisiveness is to do with hormones or some such bunk.

The impossible princesses birthday on Saturday - turning 7 buy just passing 17 one would think. Bowling party followed by visit from the outlaws in the late afternoon/evening. Will be lovely to have the house filled with family.

Likely to do church on Sunday; meant to do football in Sydney on Monday but that is far less likely.

Spoke to Odin last night; good and not good. We are planning a holiday in Queensland so the logical thing is to stop in on the way up and/or back. OK by Odin but unfortunately as we have three kids that we have the audacity to holiday with, this is not acceptable to Chaos&Control. I did remind him that he had killed people (yes, unfortunately that is a literal statement) and asked him where the fuck his balls were, to which he replied he lost them 22 years ago. He then went on to lament about the marvellous freedom he was granted until the age of 41, which he had selfishly abused (his thoughts, not mine) and how difficult a transition it was for him to adjust to his current arrangements. Well, when you make your bed (or the bed of someone else, as the case may be), you do have to lie in it. Stupidly I still see the honour in standing by his mistakes, but that's just me, I guess.

Well, ranting more than I care to reminds me that I shouldn't really be doing this now, even though I have labelled this my Day of Procrastination, as I have been so successful at little else thus far. But, off to other distractions I must go now - fare thee well, merry bloglanders!


Michelle said...

You lost me....I have no idea what you are talking about :)

But I hope you win!

Or something...


Jen said...

Im with you michelle..

Hope you had a nice procrastinating day...

Rob-bear said...

Got a little lost in this post, but I do understand procrastination. "Never do today what you can put off until tomorrow, especially if, tomorrow, you can find someone else to do it."

Trust the Bear on this one.