Thursday, April 9, 2009

Queen of Cupcakes

Queen of Cupcakes, I am. Better than sending cake to school for the impossible princesses birthday, they say - easier and less messy. For THEM, I am sure, for me, well, um...yeah, nah. Lovely looking cupcakes they are though and a proud and dutiful mother am I for sure.

Ended up with a terrible headache today, to the point where I was feeling woozy and nauseous but after some ibuprofen (which is a word that I have immeasurable difficulties pronouncing for some reason as it keeps wanting to come out ibrupofen on the basis that a misplaced r between friends will not affect the longevity of the relationship) I was fighting fit and ready to forget that I had to make cup cakes until it was safely past my bedtime and therefore at the point which I could commence without fear that I would be finished before midnight.

AND - if anyone can make sense of that last paragraph then you must also be up way past your bedtime so I will tuck you in and give you a kiss on the forehead now before we conspire to commit any further literary atrocities together.



Lisa said...

oh wendy
loving you means never having to make sense of that last sentance xx

jewell said...

hey i was up til 1:20am this morning, and then until understand what you're saying no problem!!!