Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Home and Broken Hearted

Y'know how some days you wake up and just have a song in your head? It happens to me a fair bit; I thinks it's because I taught the voices in my head to sing so their incessant chatter wouldn't keep driving me insane.

Anyway, today's song for me is Home and Broken Hearted by Cold Chisel. This is not one of their more well known songs and Jimmy sings the lyrics quite fast so unless you know them it's hard to work them out just by hearing them. I like the way the way the words all jumble and roll together on individual notes in the song with the rocking guitar and piano. It's not that I'm actually feeling like the lyrics today, it's just in my head.

Here's the full lyrics, originally written by Don Walker:

Hiked up to Sydney in the week before Christmas
It was thirty-eight degrees in the shade
Bought a second-hand Morris for a cheap two-twenty
And drove it down to Adelaide
She boiled for an hour twenty miles out of Euston
I thought the heat would never end
But I knew I'd be home for Christmas with my Sandy
And a few extra dollars to spend

I drove it to the buyer just as fast as I could go
I was talking to his teenage son
I sure hope it lasted for the poor little bastard
At least until he'd had some fun
I caught a taxi homeward with great anticipation
Thinkin' all you have to do is try
There was a note propped up against the dressing table mirror
"Dear Jimmy, it's over, goodbye!"
Home and broken hearted
I've been pasted to the telephone
Boxing Day break was wasted sitting home on my own
The beer we bought for Christmas ran dry this afternoon
And on the radio it's New Year's Eve
What a low down time of the year to pack your luggage and leave

Went to a party, tried to drink myself happy
The steaks were washed away in the rain
Finished up in bed with an old acquaintance
She'll never be my friend again
And everyone was asking me where's the little woman
Rolled home before the rain could stop
I've been sitting for days reading pre-Christmas papers
With my heels on the table-top

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