Sunday, May 24, 2009

Back To Normal Tomorrow

I was checking out people's auras at church today, it was really cool. It wasn't intentional, I just started noticing them, which has only happened a few times in the past. My logical mind looks for patterns - and ask questions, as always. Why can I see them sometimes and not other times? I know that certain background colours make them easier to see but how come I might not see them one minute, then will see them for a while and then not see them again on the same person against the same background?

Each time I have see them it has just been like a colourless glow around the person but today after a while I was getting like "reminders" of colours, no actually colour hues in what I was seeing but some made me think of certain colours. This wasn't for everyone, just some people and only some of the time.

Today showed the most variety in the shapes and sizes of the auras with different people though and that was exciting. The pastor was giving his sermon and it was his that I noticed first. His was fairly big, but thin, and seemed bigger around the back of his head so he had a larger area that stuck out as he moved and turned while he was talking (he's a pretty animated speaker and he walks around a fair bit). There were a few times when I saw an aura-like glow that was separate from his aura that floated just above and behind his head as well but about a foot or so away. This also followed him around as he moved but it came and went and wasn't there for very long. A couple of times there were smaller, more defined glows further away but they didn't seem to be part of his energy.

One lady had a very small aura but it had a very clear line at the edge of it, like she was being limited or restricted or confined in some way. One couple we sitting very close together and I know them to have a very close relationship so I was interested in seeing if I could see if and how their auras would interact but this didn't seem to happen, it was like there was less of an aura where I would have expected some sort of merging, but the size and look/feel they emanated was very similar. Another guy had a large, thin aura, a bit like the pastors, but a little bit bigger and also a little thinner. The kids were out doing the kids activities so I didn't get to see any of theirs, which I would have really liked to as when I have seen them on kids before they have looked particularly shiny and it would have been really interesting to compare.

The whole thing lasted only a few minutes and I'm sitting here now wondering why I stopped seeing them. I don't remember them going away, I just stopped noticing, which seems really weird now as they were lovely and I would have thought I would have keep trying to see them as long as I could. Oh well, I'm sure I will see them again.

There's still lots of energy around me, the stuff that has been affecting my mood over the last few days (or is it the other way round?) but it seems better, still active, but not freaking me out so much.

In other church news, Kman came to rehearsal today playing guitar and liked it so much he asked if he could stay on during the service. He made me so proud, even though he was disappointed he wasn't amped up. We had music practice after the service and he got plugged in then, which he was stoked about.

In other, other church news, in a few weeks time there will only be one of the music leaders and myself around from the whole worship team, so I've offered to play guitar then. It will be one lady on keyboard and vocals and me on guitar, although I won't be able to do much with vocals cause it still throws out my strumming pretty badly. The other good thing about that is that I will be able to choose the songs, even though it will be pretty much by default because we will be limited by the ones I can play ☺ Kman might play as well, but I'm not sure as he will need to practice the timing of his chord changes as he is still learning but isn't that interested in the theory side of things.

The only other different thing about today is that I haven't had any water to drink. I've been drinking around three litres each day for the last week and my normal two litres other times but for some reason I haven't had any today. I drank a lot of green tea but the lack of water makes me feel insatiably thirsty at this end of the day. Will have to get back to normal tomorrow.


Sarah said...

Hi hon,
I love hearing bout how others use their gifts. I'm an empath - it took me years of doing what you did to kind of get a handle on what each thing I as reading meant. Of coarse I'm nearly 50 and pretty good at it now - but took a long time- lol. It sounds facinating!!! & you sound like you have a good handle on it!!
I often wonder when I read your posts, is it a reg church you attend or a new age type church. It sounds really nice!
Hope you are having a great weekend hon! Namaste, Sarah

Lisa said...

i have found that aura's show up extremely well is sacred spaces like church etc......i am so glad this is happening for you x