Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Puff of Logic

I had a long and very involved dream last night that faded upon waking, as seems to be the case more often than not. It was very frustrating as for both waking and sleeping memories, I usually will at least remember that I have forgotten something so it is like there is a very prominent void in a place in my mind but I am absolutely sure that there was something there before. That's how it felt this morning, like I have a very strong sense of there having been something there but the details were just out of reach.

As is also often the way with all things of this kind, about 2 hours later while going about my business, the details suddenly dropped back into place. Well, some of them did anyway. It was about a friend of mine that I used to work with and I spoke with her at great length. There was stuff about the office where we worked, which I think it starting to take on a very specific role in my subconscious as I have dreamt about it several times now, although I don't quite understand where it fits into the rest of my life, thoughts and feelings.

Something that I do remember quite clearly from the dream was walking up a street that I used to walk up from time to time when I was much younger. I never had a particular event happen to me on that route. It was what passed for a main road in the suburb that I grew up in although it was just one lane either way. At the far end was the main shops of the town, such as they were, and the train station and it went for a few kilometres up to the highway, which is one of the main highways in the area, six lanes for most parts. About five minutes walk from where the road met the highway was the house I grew up in.

So, in the dream it was night time and I had been somewhere and was heading home. I was at the end of the shops so it was normal residential houses for the most part. I really wanted to get home but I didn't have a car but then I laid this light briefcase thing I was carrying on the ground, unfolded it like a tent and it self-inflated into a car, which just so happened to be my old Suzuki Sierra that was the second car I ever owned and had some 10 or 12 or maybe it was 14 years ago. I remember thinking about the advances in technology that were required for such a thing to be possible and for a fleeting moment I gave thought to how the thing could have an engine when it had been in a light bag I was carrying but then it was all inflated and I got in. I don't remember if it drove or not but I have a vague feeling it may have just disappeared in a puff of logic.

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