Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Through Life

Still silently observing
but with an enormous headache
that came on suddenly late yesterday afternoon
with dizziness
and nausea
but dissipated somewhat
so I could drive
and have my night out of the zoo
although it seems to have missed me greatly while I was away
so has returned again

Pain is part of the transition process.
I believe this is what is happening now.
At least, that is what I am expected the universe to deliver.
Otherwise this is just pain by itself.

There are so many things about people that I don't understand.
And am losing the will to even maintain a slight curiosity for.
Is this part of moving into the age of Aquarius,
being more concerned with humanity as a whole
rather than the individuals within?

The messages I have been getting over the last few months
refer to Aquarius a lot, which
as an Aquarian and an ego-centric being
make me think of me coming into my own power
but perhaps it is broader than that
or perhaps it is both

Ego is on my mind a lot lately as well
more as a disturbance on the peripheral
as I notice it
it is clearly something that I need to reflect on
or reflect within
and assess.

I notice that some people have no hesitancy in
or sometimes even no consciousness of
making something about them
or including themselves
in a focus of attention way
rather than a supportive way
or an understanding way
or an empathetic way
just pure self-promotion.

Is this a bad thing?
Well, maybe, maybe not.
Who am I to judge the truth in that?

Sometimes it may hurt
or annoy
but isn't it all about
each person just trying to make their own way through life
and some people
more than others
and other people
more than others
at other times.

We all need our ego
so that we can love ourselves
and therefore
accept love from others,
which is very important.

We shouldn't try to fight our egos
or repress them.
They are there for a reason.
And the reason is our own mental and emotional health.

But that is achieved only when we have balance.

Suppressing ourselves
does not create balance.

Being ourselves
with honour
and truth
and temperance
creates balance.

But all of these things
are created from within
and don't need
repeated and endless
pushing of ourselves
on others.

Be you
and let me be me
and feel free to take a step back
from me
if me being me
is not about you being you
when you step forward at those times
you may tread on the toes
of someone else
like you
is just trying to make their own way through life
but your journey
is not their journey
and never will
nor should it

Look after your ego.
Let it do it's job
of looking after you
to be mindful
of the power of ego
the effect it can have
on other people's egos
and the path
we all weave
through life.


Lisa said...

oh honey, the constant battle with ego-how it drains us, wears us out.
you have my suppot, wherever it leads you xx

Rob-bear said...

Being ourselves
with honour
and truth
and temperance
creates balance.

letting others be themselves
lets them live
with honour
and truth
and temperance
creates balance within them.

If your both
doing the same,
it seems there would be balance
or harmony
between the two of you.