Saturday, August 7, 2010

In My Mind

I think I got it all wrong somewhere along the line.

Things that I thought were truths
turned out to be blind
ideals and now I find
that being kind
is not always being wise
and being wise
is sometimes folly
for although I have tried
to be open and honest
I now feel admonished
for opening myself
and calling you sister
when now that all is said and done
things that I thought were truths
missed the
point and missed the
which always moves on
from the time
when we made our promises
and I thought that you made your promises
because you believed in them
but your truths
as your life
and you moved on
because you needed to
but now you find
that those truths
were real
and those truths
expressed what you feel
behind the bravado and the pride
but I am so glad
to be welcoming you back
even though you are still not on track
but that you accepting
and you are seeking
what you lack
because it is part of all of us
and you are ready to turn back
to those truths
from that time
when you made your promises
and I made mine
for you are still my sister
and I am yours
and there is nothing
that will ever change that
in my mind.


Rob-bear said...

Betrayed and recovering?

Wendy said...

Separate issues but recovering, yes, hopefully - that's what the blogosphere's for x♥x