Saturday, August 7, 2010

Never Be

It's not good enough
and I can't make you
want to want
and nothing can repay
the debt that you owe
but whose keeping score
forever more
because it can only work
if neither of us keep count
but somehow
don't seem to add up
and there are little things that matter
and big things that matter more
and even though we're not keeping score
i still feel kinda ripped off
and i want to be able to tell you
how i feel
but i need to see
what decisions you make
over and over
that never place me first
or second
or even third
and even though i've never done this before
I'm pretty sure
that' I'm meant to be
in at least the top three
so why can't it be
that when you chose
you could possibly chose me
and when I look at things that way
it's just not good enough
and there is nothing that i can do
to change me
or to change you
and what is will ever be
and to me you will never be

1 comment:

Rob-bear said...

I do hope that you can find your "place," without keeping score.