Thursday, December 23, 2010

Afraid Of

a day filled with
the feelings of
real possibilities.

Such mid-summer energy
has suddenly
collided with my consciousness
and pushed out

Cautious though still
fearing burnout
but so wanting
to harness this energy
and also truly needing to
this close to Christmas
with family responsibilies
all resting on my shoulders
while my husband works
17 hour days.

But even that seems
manageable today.

Taking things
one step at a time
and being realistic
about only being
a tentative few steps
in front of a time
of not even being able to crawl
let along being able to
put one foot in front of the other.

Filled with gratitude today
for my family
and my friends
for those who have had me
in their thoughts
as their prayers
have today reached my heart
and I feel connected
as I should be.

Now there is a "should"
that I am not afraid of.


Cucipata said...

Funny to hear people having "midsummer energy" when we are freezing here in the states...

Lisa said...

I know that energy- i am always filled with hope this time of year.
take it slow dear Wendy xx

Anonymous said...