Monday, December 20, 2010

Be Seen

So many things
going through my head
at the moment
but no productive actions
because I am either
existing in the past
or in the future
but never in the present
and therefore
never find myself doing
the things that are right
for my time.

Yes, I can acknowledge
that this is the thought pattern
of some individuals
who do extraordinary things
and while I sometimes feel
this is in my potential
it more usually feels
like it is so far removed
from my true existance
as I had never even been able
to dream it may have been.

seems just
out of my reach
and there is nothing
that I feel
is within
my actual capabilities
at the minute.

with my resent thoughts
on failure
I know more
to be true
that failure
only really occurs
when you give up
I am not
giving up
and therefore
I am not failing.

How that evolves
remains to be seen.


Cucipata said...
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Cucipata said...

It is very true that the present is always the most complicated of states. It is easy to get bugged down by the past, particularly when you cannot see the future. But if you focus on the future too much you will also miss the present. It is quite a fine balance...

Wendy said...

S'ok, there's a lot to be said against proof reading. Thanks for the heads up tho.

And, yes, missing the present is definitely the issue. Balance? Such a strange beast of which you speak!

Lisa said...

I really missed you yesterday and I hope the fat man brings you peace my angel.
Indeed, you deserve that.


deborah hoddle said...

a lunch in the park wil be needed soon,xxxxx