Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Dreams and Tarot with the Tarot of Dreams

I just remembered a dream I had last night and by the fact that it was so vivid and is still then I'm sure there is significance in it.

I was in the police force and was on some training base for new recruits. There were all sorts of initiations and behind the scenes peer tests and power plays and I seemed to stand up for myself when required and just ignore parts if I couldn't be bothered with. It all resulted in me being accepted as smart enough to work it out, tough enough to give it back, good humored enough to keep it running or laugh it off and focused and professional enough on the task at hand to put it in the back of the closet if I had other things I needed to get done.

I had a thought before about doing a tarot spread for myself and the urge just reoccurred to me. We did some card work at class last night and that was good.

Tonight I asked for three cards to tell me what I need to know and I drew:

VI of Wands
V of Cups

So, we have a five, six and a seven indicating that I am in the middle of something. It is a fairly life changing even with the major arcana card having been drawn in the middle and it is regarding action and resulting emotions.

The six of wands is a victory card but it is of public victory while the five of cups is about inner despair and heartbreak. It is my quiet, inner strength that is required to bring me to this victory but is also needed to hold me together through the inner turmoil I will feel because of this.

In all honesty I have absolutely no idea what issue this is about but it seems fairly solid as far a mini-story goes. I will think about this some more and see if anything starts to fit into place.

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