Thursday, November 6, 2008

Tomorrow's a Brand New Day

Movies last night with the tea lady - I love her company. McCafe afterward - no Chai tea powder - what is going on in the world? I currently do not have a job and she currently hates her job. Therefore we will go into business for ourselves. Sounds like a wonderful plan - now we just need a business to go into.

Somehow or another the night ended with us having dreamed up a logistics company. I was scared and she was excited - so excited she didn't get to sleep until 3am. Today, things are starting to turn. I was extremely disappointed by the lack of support and and what I would call vehement poo-poo'ing of the idea by The Starchild before he had even heard it. Today he was more open with acknowledgment of the affect of lack of sleep coupled with antihistamines but still relatively closed, no apology and support still a promised conversation away. And the tea lady thinks I'm a glass half full person - phfithoui to that!

But I am increasingly excited about exploring the feasibility of the idea and have made an appointment at the Business Enterprise Centre for Monday week. I will have to ramp up the efforts to land some temp work in the short term so that will be tomorrow's task. Had Naykes home with a sore throat today and I took an antihistime that knocked me about a bit as well. The Starchild has a broked gear-box and the tea lady's husband is looking at it for him. Some strange things are happening to people at the moment, me thinks. My job and the gear box for us; the tea lady's husband just punctured his hand on a nail while working on their house; Binn's eldest broke half of his front tooth off by tripping over his own feet; the subdueance of the third triple trouble chicky (who I got a call from at home today, which was absolutely lovely and I really enjoyed and appreciated); the whole Stroud thing, which I still don't understand. I'm sure there are others as there is some really strange energy around at the moment.

I am so over the US election, yes Barack Obama won - and it would have to take some strange energy to have made that happen - but I am so over it anyway! Like anyone can tell whether this will be good or will be bad. I'd like to believe it is good but in all truth, I just don't know.

Planted my Beltane seeds in a pot outside today but will need to buy some more potting mix and do it properly. One of the giant goldfish in the pond died two days ago, which was also strange. I put a water lily clipping from the tea lady in the pond today so hopefully that will grow and flower. I will still buy some more floating fake flowers as well if i see them again as they do look so nice.

Going to Diamond Beach for two nights tomorrow - yay! I am so looking forward to it. I need to reclaim my will-power and I really hope this will be the start of it.

The house is a mess but I at least got the dishwasher run tonight. I need to find my motivation so I can get everything done I want to so we don't come back to a mess on Sunday. But now I'm really sure it is time for bed. Tomorrow's a brand new day, full of hopes and possibilities and sleep is something I really need to make a commitment to in order to look after my overall well being.

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