Thursday, November 27, 2008

Spam, Visualising and Dots in the Air

Somethings I keep forgetting to mention:

1) Dramatic reduction in the amount of spam lately. This is a good thing on many levels as I was starting to think that the spammers loved me more than my family and friends do.

2) Since the Stroud weekend, my ability visualise has improved. Some of the pictures are becoming quite clear but they are not very big. The improvement seems to be ongoing, which is quite encouraging.

3) I saw the clear dots two weekends ago. I used to see them all the time when I was little. I particularly remember seeing them when I would have day time naps, so that would have been before I started school. I would see a whole blanket of them then and I could control the directions they moved in if I tried, otherwise they would just float in unison, usually upwards. the are clear and small and they look flat although I think they are really spherical. The Starchild mentioned something similar a few years ago, since we have been up here. I tried to see them again then and I think that I brought them back when I tried but they used to come unbidden. The other weekend we were in the car and I saw them clearly, but there were only five or so of them and they weren't all joined. They floated upwards like they used to and when they floated out of sight I could bring them back again where they had been before. This happened several times and they were in the same formation each time. It made me smile and feel like a child again.

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