Friday, November 28, 2008

Mental Frolicking

Got some things sorted in my mind relatively unexpectedly in both theory and practice so feeling somewhat better today - although still unsure about my future in terms of work.

Bought a new sea snail today - behold, a new Earl! He lay on his back dormant in the tank for about 12 hours until I finally got time to do a water change but when I noticed he was moving I decided to sit there are watch him for about 15 minutes. By then he had righted himself and was starting to explore the tank so I thought I'd put off the water change until tomorrow in case it was too stressful for him. He's already had enough excitement for one day.

I bought groceries this morning and it was raining but I really, really, really enjoyed walking to and from the car in the rain. I turned my face to the clouds and resisted the urge to physically frolic but I was definitely frolicking in my mind.

Prayers for our musical guest and her hubby for their loss. Such sad news but they seem to be holding up well. Gives perspective but I wish they didn't have to experience such sadness. My love of the universe to them for healing and a new chance at a better time.

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