Thursday, January 15, 2009

Fabulous Company

Writing a Business Plan. Keep feeling like I need to have someone else look over it - other than The Starchild as he is simply not document minded - but then remind myself that I'm not working for da man any more so as long as I'm happy with it then it's all good. We don't need finance so I don't need to go heavy on the financial content (whoo hoo on both counts) and I'm really comfortable with it being a working document for ongoing planning.

The car said it was 32 degrees this morning when I dropped the smiley monster off at around 9.15am. How uncivilised. I'm also now wondering why I've spent the last few hours upstairs. I try to avoid putting the air conditioner on - not having a job and therefore trying to watch every penny is a good motivator - but the impossible princess has just come in with her forehead all sweaty and her best pleading eyes and told me how hot she is so it's gotta go on, me thinks.

Going to see Seven Pounds tonight - looking forward to sitting in the air conditioning, oh and to seeing the movie and the fabulous company of the tea lady, of course.

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