Friday, January 16, 2009

Prophets and Liars


In fact, perpetually perplexed.

I should write songs or poetry or some such nonsense.

Yes, I should.

At a time when I am embracing the here and now, why, just why, am I still hesitant.

Took a step today. Just a little one but a step never the less. Should never the less be hyphenated?

Typing fast is fun.

The step was fairly random and still quite anonymous.

I honour truth and I dishonour myself by trying to live duel lives.

But for the moment, I think I am getting something and contributing something to both parts and one is so opposed to the other that never the twain shall meet.

I once said that if you forced me to chose between one or the other then I would chose the other because you are the one making me chose.

Every second of my past experiences are a resource for my present opportunities and the keys to my future successes.


So in my heart I chose the one that has no interest in making me chose but in practice I tread carefully around the other, perhaps just wanting my cake and eating it, too.

Phhuh, whatever.

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